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What is dietsforall? Is it right for me?


Confused by various nutrition pieces of advice you often get?
Diets for all is aimed at demystifying what healthy lifestyle is and providing you with the simple but useful tips on how to plan, enjoy and stick to a healthy diet.

It is for anyone and everyone who wants easy, affordable and everyday eating that is both delicious and nutritious.

At the end of the day, healthy eating is not about losing much weight and feeling skinny; rather, it’s about having more energy, improving your health, boosting your mood, and feeling great in general.

My approach

Considering your lifestyle, preferences and medical history, I’ll create an easy-to-follow, sustainable and enjoyable weight loss plan tailored to your needs. With my comprehensive diet coaching plan, you’ll see considerable changes as you lose weight and build healthy eating habits. I’ll equip you with what you need to feel confident and self-reliant when making healthy food choices. Most importantly, I’ll be right by your side throughout every step.

What you can get?​

With Diets for All, you’ll get a personal coach who is ready to listen to your needs and take the goals you want to achieve seriously. Working together with you, I will create the right nutrition and exercise approach, based on your lifestyle and aspirations. Unlike the majority of healthy lifestyle coaches, I will focus my efforts into coaching you through the process, helping with inevitable roadblocks along the way. I don’t give you surface solutions – instead, I help you develop life-long habits.

Having trouble finding a nutritious balance?

You’re not alone, and i’m here to help!

Social pressure, stress and ethical discussions have led to a lot of confusion about what we should be eating. Instead of following the latest celebrity diet, you need to really understand your needs, lifestyle and preferences and find your own balance with food. How to find your own balance and start living a healthy lifestyle? I’m glad you’ve asked because I am here to help you make that journey enjoyable every step of the way, and, ultimately, turn your vision into reality.

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To get all the bits and pieces about how I can help you find a nutritious balance and build a healthy eating habit, reach me out. I’ll be more than happy to answer all the questions you might have and lead you through the process of becoming healthy and fit.

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Questions you may have

Most frequent questions and answers

The best way to find out which diet works best for you is to consult the expert.
He or she can review your medical issues and medications that might affect your weight and provide guidance on a program for you. Besides giving you advice on the diet that best suits your needs, the expert can discuss with you how to exercise safely and effectively, especially if you have physical or medical challenges or pain with daily tasks.
Also, make sure you tell the expert about your previous efforts to lose weight and be open about fad diets that interest you.

Probably the largest cause of health problems that you should avoid is PROCESSED SUGAR.
It gives an artificially high boost to our metabolism that is soon followed by fatigue. Also, processed sugar causes obesity, tooth decay, and may even contribute to other medical problems like diabetes, hypertension, and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

As people age, their hormones change. This causes their metabolic rate to change as well. As men lose testosterone and women lose estrogen, their metabolism slows down. Consequently, this makes the weight easier to put on and harder to take off.
While weight loss can become even trickier in your 30s, weight management can become more difficult for people in their 20s.

While there is certainly much value in recording the foods you’ve eaten (because it helps you know what food you’re consuming), and while it’s important to know relative calories (e.g., cake: high, broccoli: low), it’s certainly a colossal waste of time to drill it down to every single calorie that passes your lips.

The one that perfectly fits your needs, requirements, lifestyle, physical and mental state:)

Here are only a few of them:

Top your bowl with your favourite fruit instead of sweet oatmeal and cereal.
Enjoy fruit for dessert instead of pastries or cookies.
Cut the amount of sugar you use in cookies and cakes.
Be mindful of ingredients such as barbecue sauce and ketchup. They can be really high in sugar.
Read food labels and keep track of high-sugar options.

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